Our Staff

The Office of Finance and Administration is led by Aime Martinez, Chief Financial Officer & Sr. Vice President of Finance and Administration (CFO/SVP). Ms. Martinez provides leadership in the administration of all financial operations including: Office of Business & Finance, Controllers, and Treasury as well as Facilities Management. The following officers report directly to the Chief Financial Officer and Sr. Vice President, University Controller, University Treasurer, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning, and Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary and Enterprise Development.

Ivette Capote, Financial Analyst III

Ivette Capote, Financial Analyst III

Ivette assists the CFO in allocating revenue by reviewing and analyzing budget forecasts, budget variances and strategic initiatives to help ensure that appropriate financial resources are dedicated to the key strategic themes and objectives of the University. She serves as the Executive Area Budget Manager for departments within the Division of Finance and Administration and works closely with the CFO on strategic planning and team objectives. She also manages and coordinates Board of Trustee (BOT) preparation for areas reporting to the CFO/Senior VP of Finance and Administration. Prepares all materials, agenda, talking points, and summary reports and ensure that all materials are in order for CFO Trustee briefings. Finally, she manages preparation for the Board of Governors meetings for areas reporting to the CFO/ VP of Finance and Administration.

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Jessica I. Castro, Special Assistant to the CFO

Jessica directs the operational and human resource function of the unit. She oversees the overall daily function of the Office of Finance and Administration. Jessica serves as the HR Liaison and handles HR related issues across all units within the CFO’s purview. In this role she processes and monitors Purchases Orders, Pro Card Transactions, travel reimbursements, office supplies, materials purchases, and monetary expenditures from all Foundation and University accounts. Jessica works closely with the CFO and the Associate VP of Business and Finance on special projects within Finance & Administration. In addition, Jessica supervises the Office Assistant and the student assistants. She manages and oversees the daily agenda for the CFO/VP Finance and Administration and the Associate VP, Business & Finance, which includes arranging the calendar, scheduling appointments, preparing both for meetings and conferences.