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University Moving and Relocation Expenses Guide

Moving Expenses are limited to the cost of packing, transporting and unloading of primary residence household goods or mobile home (if primary residence), and expenses for moving an automobile. "Household Goods" is defined as personal effects and property. Permissible relocation expenses, expenditure limits and allowances are detailed in the University Moving and Relocation Procedure.

Prior Approval Required

  1. Approval of offer letter by the corresponding senior executive listed below delineating the moving and relocation expenses must be obtained in advance of incurring the expenditure.
  2. Approval Process:

    A. If the offer letter solely provides reimbursement for moving expenses, a Vice President or Dean may approve.
    B. In those cases where a Moving and Relocation reimbursement and/or allowance are offered and each department is fully funding the corresponding cost, additional signatures are not required.
    C. In those cases where central university or non-departmental foundation funds will be used to cover a Moving and Relocation reimbursement and/or allowance, the additional signatures of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration are required.

Action by the Employee/Human Resources

  1. The University will only directly reimburse SUS Contract Vendors for moving services. A list of contracted moving vendors can be found in the University Procurement movers page.
  2. Multiple quotations are not required when using a contracted moving company. The employee sends the quotation to the hiring manager who forwards it Human Resources.
  3. It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to ensure that a requisition is generated, approved and sent to the Procurement Services.
  4. It will be the responsibility of Human Resources to work with the Procurement Services to ensure that a subsequent Purchase Order is issued and with Payroll so all tax liability is addressed.
  5. If a Purchase Order is issued then the selected contract moving firm, under the FIU contract, will direct bill FIU and be paid under the Purchase Order payment process.
  6. Non-contracted vendors may only be used if:

    A. Two written quotations are obtained less than $49,500:

    1. One of which must be a SUS contracted vendor, submitted and approved by the hiring manager, or the employee is paid an allowance for moving and relocation expenses.
    B. For a reimbursement of third party moving companies, once the physical move concludes, the employee completes the standard Expense Reimbursement Form and submits it to Human Resources which in turn will coordinate with Accounts Payable for reimbursement and Payroll so that the final reimbursement amount is used to calculate any tax liability.

Official University Policy and Procedure

Please refer to the following Official University Policies and Procedures for additional guidance on Eligibility, Permissible Expenses, Reimbursement and Allowance Limits, Minimum Terms of Service, and Taxable Income related topics under these policies and procedures:

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