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Vendor Portal

Florida International University (FIU) welcomes all vendors interested in doing business with the University. We strive for an open and competitive process with our vendors in order to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

Link: FIU Brochure for Vendors

Vendors currently providing or contracted to provide goods and/or services to the University and vendors interested in providing goods and/or services in the future are required to be registered with FIU. In order to become a registered vendor with FIU, please click on the Vendor Application.

If an FIU department has asked you to complete this application, please select the option illustrated below on the actual application and provide their contact information;

Link: e-Form Technology Requirements

Once a Vendor Application has been submitted, the vendor will automatically be registered with FIU. Vendors will receive a confirmation email from vendors@fiu.edu upon successful submission of a Vendor Application. To avoid this email being discarded by junk mail filters, we encourage vendors to make the necessary adjustments to their e-mail inbox settings to allow this message to be delivered. Any and all inquiries about vendors may be submitted via e-mail to vendors@fiu.edu.

The Vendor Registration System may be accessed by the Purchasing Department, as needed, in order to request quotes, notify vendors of competitive solicitations, and keep vendors informed of new business opportunities with the University. All vendors are also encouraged to check the Purchasing Services website regularly for new competitive solicitations.

Vendors currently providing or contracted to provide goods and/or services to the University will also be added into the FIU ERP system for payment purposes and assigned a Vendor Identification number upon submission of a Vendor Application. The Vendor Identification number will be sent to both the vendor and to the FIU department contact listed  on the Vendor Application within one week of its submission.

Upon completion of performance of services or provision of goods, please submit all invoices for work completed to our Accounts Payable Department or electronically to invoices@fiu.edu for payment. Additionally, all payment questions should also be routed to the Accounts Payable department. Please refer to the Accounts Payable page for contact information. This does not apply to invoices for service or provision of goods to FIU Libraries.

Registered vendors with the University that need to update their information are required to submit a new Vendor Application with the changes.

Attention Vendors: Florida International University (FIU) is proud to be a Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus which means that smoking and/or the use of any tobacco product is not permitted in any area of the university campus  including buildings, green spaces, vehicles, and parking areas. Effective August 20, 2012, the university began enforcement of the smoke and tobacco free regulation. If you would like assistance in either managing your tobacco use while on campus or are interested in quitting your tobacco use, please visit tobacco-free.fiu.edu for a list of resources both on and off campus.

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT): This is FIUís preferred payment method. Though it is not currently required that vendors accept payment in this method, we kindly request that whenever possible vendors select EFT as the payment method. FIU may require Contractor to accept payments via the Universityís EFT/ACH payment process in future.

Information regarding Government Classifications: The definitions for the government classifications listed in Part II - Small Business and/or Minority Status Information of the Vendor Application are outlined below. Please be sure to select the proper Classification when completing the Application.

  • Certified MBE: A minority business enterprise that is certified as an MBE by the state of Florida.
  • Non-MBE: A non-minority business enterprise or individual.
  • Non-Certified MBE: A minority business enterprise that is not certified as an MBE with the state of Florida or an individual that is a minority.

For additional information on Government Classifications please refer to the State of Florida Office of Supplier Diversity at: http://www.dms.myflorida.com/other_programs/office_of_supplier_diversity_osd

Vendor Certification: Vendors interested in becoming certified with the State of Florida should contact the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD).

If you do become certified, please notify Purchasing at vendors@fiu.edu.

Link: 2013-2014 FIU Small Minority Enterprise spend report.

Signature on IRS Tax Forms: The following types of signatures are the only ones accepted on the IRS tax form W9 or W8-BEN.

  • "Ink" signatures: where the vendor signs the form with a blue or black ink pen.
  • "Digital" signatures: only the following type of digital signature will be accepted:

Information for FIU Departments regarding Foreign Vendors: Foreign vendors, defined as non-US vendors, must submit a Vendor Application as outlined above. However, once the Foreign Vendor has been added to Panthersoft by the Purchasing Department, the FIU Department that is utilizing the Foreign Vendor must contact the Tax Compliance Department in the Office of the Controller. The FIU Department must send an email to Tax Compliance Department. The email must include the following: the vendorís name, Vendor Identification number (provided by Purchasing), description of work to be performed by the vendor and attach any contract documents or additional documentation related to the goods and/or services being provided. Tax Compliance will work with the FIU Department and the vendor as needed to have the vendor approved in Panthersoft. The Purchasing Department cannot approve Foreign Vendors.

Information for FIU Departments regarding honorariums and stipends:

Individuals requiring payment stemming from an honorarium or a stipend do not have to submit a vendor application through the Vendor Registration Portal. All that is required is a completed and signed tax form sent to vendors@fiu.edu. If the individual is a US citizen, a W-9 should be submitted. This form can be accessed on the IRS website. If the individual is a foreign national, then a W-8BEN should be submitted. This form can be accessed on the IRS website.

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