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Supplier Registration Portal

Florida International University (FIU) publicly advertises business opportunities to ensure that all suppliers have the opportunity to participate in the solicitation process fairly and openly, while encouraging competition within the supplier community.

Electronic Solicitations ($75,000 and above)
As of June 8, 2018, all FIU Sourcing Events which are $75,000 and above will be on FIU's Public Solicitation Portal, hosted by Jaggaer. To view and respond online to any posted solicitations, businesses will have to register with Jaggaer or be part of the Jaggaer supplier network in order to get a user name and password.

Click here to see new Business Opportunities posted on FIUs Public Solicitation Portal hosted by Jaggaer.

Electronic Quotes (eRFQ) (under $75,000)
On April 1, 2019, FIU will begin using GovQuote for publishing electronic Request for Quotes (eRFQs). It is anticipated to be rolled out to the entire University over the next 90 days. GovQuote is the only free online marketplace dedicated to helping government agencies obtain quotes faster and more efficiently through the use of technology. GovQuote is free to sign up and easy to use. When FIU posts an eRFQ you will be instantly notified and can respond in less than 60 seconds. If you want the opportunity to do business with FIU you need to sign up with GovQuote to get electronic notification of eRFQs (i.e.purchases up to $75,000). For assistance on creating your account, setting up your categories, and much more, visit the GovQuote Help Center at help.govquote.us. Help chat specialists are also online Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST.

Click here to see eRFQs posted on FIUs page hosted by GovQuote.

New Supplier Information

Suppliers currently providing or coordinating to provide goods and/or services to the University and suppliers interested in providing goods and/or services to the University in the future are required to be registered with FIU. In order to become a registered supplier with FIU, please click on the Supplier Application.

Suppliers currently providing goods and/or services or coordinating with an FIU department to begin providing goods and/or services should answer "yes" to the first profile question in the application. Upon answering "yes" the supplier will be required to include the department name and contact person who the supplier is working with.

Suppliers will receive a confirmation email from vendors@fiu.edu upon successful submission of a Supplier Application. This email will include the supplier's PeopleSoft Registration ID, which is an automated ID generated for all successful applicants. This ID is not the FIU Supplier ID. Suppliers who are not currently providing goods and/or services or are not currently coordinating to provide goods and/or services will be registered in our Supplier Registration System, but will not be issued an FIU Supplier ID. The email with the PeopleSoft Registration ID is the final part of the registration process for such suppliers.

Suppliers who are providing goods and/or services or who are coordinating to provide goods and/or services to FIU and select "yes" to the first profile question in the application, will receive the confirmation email with the PeopleSoft Registration ID as well. They will be part of FIU's Supplier Registration System but those suppliers will also be submitted for approval of an FIU Supplier ID. Once the supplier is approved, the supplier will receive a new email from vendors@fiu.edu with their FIU Supplier ID. The FIU contact listed on the supplier application will also be notified of the FIU Supplier ID number assigned to the supplier.

To avoid the confirmation and approval emails being discarded by junk mail filters, we encourage suppliers to make the necessary adjustments to their e-mail inbox settings to allow this message to be delivered. Suppliers and FIU departments with questions regarding the onboarding process, requiring assistance completing the application, inquiring as to the status of an application or with any other supplier related question or concern, may reach out to vendors@fiu.edu.

Registered Supplier Information

Registered FIU Suppliers that need to update their information are required to submit all changes to vendors@fiu.edu per the following guidelines.

Change of Address

  • Individuals Submit an updated, signed W-9 to vendors@fiu.edu outlining the new address.

  • U.S. Companies Submit an updated, signed W-9 OR an invoice to vendors@fiu.edu outlining the new address.

  • Foreign Company Submit an updated, signed W-8BENe to vendors@fiu.edu outlining the new address.

  • Non-Resident Individual Submit an updated, signed W-8BEN to vendors@fiu.edu outlining the new address.
  • Change to EFT Information / Addition of EFT Payment Option

    A signed EFT authorization form must be completed, signed and emailed to vendors@fiu.edu with the correct banking information.

    Change in Employer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number

    A new supplier application must be submitted any time that a supplier that is already registered has a change in Employer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number. Additionally, the supplier must send an email to vendors@fiu.edu outlining the supplier name and Employer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number that will no longer be in use to ensure no additional transactions are processed with that supplier.


    In the interest of mutual security, any request to modify contact information, remit address, payment method or banking information for an existing supplier will result in the supplier account being frozen, with no transactions allowed, for five (5) business days, effective on the date the request is received.

    General Information for Suppliers

    Invoices: Upon completion of performance of services or provision of goods, please submit all invoices for work completed to the FIU Accounts Payable department electronically to invoices@fiu.edu for payment. Additionally, all payment questions should also be routed to the Accounts Payable department. Please refer to the Accounts Payable page for contact information. This does not apply to invoices for service or provision of goods to FIU Libraries.

    Payment Method

    US Suppliers: FIU currently requires all US individuals and companies (including US residents) to accept payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT). When registering, US Suppliers may only select the payment method Electronic Funds Transfer from the dropdown menu. Exceptions to this policy may be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Director of Procurement. Such requests for exception should be emailed to vendors@fiu.edu for consideration.

    Foreign Suppliers: Foreign individuals and companies may only select System Check from the payment method dropdown. Foreign Suppliers that have a US bank account may be paid via EFT if desired. However, this request must be sent to vendors@fiu.edu only after a successful registration is complete. Once an FIU Supplier ID number has been assigned, Foreign Suppliers with a US bank account that would like to be paid via EFT must complete the EFT authorization form and email the completed form to vendors@fiu.edu in order for their payment method to be updated to electronic funds transfer. Non-US bank accounts cannot be submitted for EFT payment.

    Information regarding Government Classifications: The definitions for the government classifications listed in the Supplier Application are outlined below. Please be sure to select the proper classification when completing the Application.

    • Certified MBE: A minority business enterprise that is certified as an MBE by the state of Florida.
    • Non-MBE: A non-minority business enterprise or individual.
    • Non-Certified MBE: A minority business enterprise that is not certified as an MBE with the state of Florida or an individual that is a minority.

    For additional information on Government Classifications please refer to the State of Florida Office of Supplier Diversity

    Supplier Certification: Suppliers interested in becoming certified with the State of Florida should contact the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD). Suppliers that become certified after submitting their initial application should notify Procurement at vendors@fiu.edu at the time of certification.

    Information regarding NAICS and NIGP Codes: The following websites are available to help suppliers with entering their relevant NAICS or NIGP codes. If you come across any issues, please contact us via email at vendors@fiu.edu for support.

    Link: 2013-2014 FIU Small Minority Enterprise spend report.

    Signature on IRS Tax Forms: The following types of signatures are the only ones accepted on the IRS tax forms W9, W-8BEN or W-8BENe.

    • "Ink" signatures: where the supplier signs the form with a blue or black ink pen, scans the form and attaches the scanned copy to the electronic application.
    • "Digital" signatures: only the following type of digital signature will be accepted on the form that is attached to the electronic application:

    Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus Policy: Florida International University (FIU) is proud to be a Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus which means that smoking and/or the use of any tobacco product is not permitted in any area of the university campus including buildings, green spaces, vehicles, and parking areas. Effective August 20, 2012, the university began enforcement of the smoke and tobacco free regulation. If you would like assistance in either managing your tobacco use while on campus or are interested in quitting your tobacco use, please visit tobacco-free.fiu.edu for a list of resources both on and off campus.

    Donations Do Not Influence Procurement Decisions: The FIU Foundation provides all prospective donors the opportunity to contribute to the University. The fact that a Company (or a firm member or representative) donates to the University or does not do so will have no bearing on the firm's eligibility to do business with the University. The University may on a regular or special campaign basis solicit support from the business community, both individual members of companies and the companies themselves whether currently doing business with the University or not.

    Posting of Sourcing Events, Notice of Intent to Award and Award: Sourcing Events and Awarded Sourcing Events can be found at FIUs Public Solicitation Portal at FIUs Public Solicitation Portal. The Notices of Intent to Award related to a Competitive Sourcing Event will no longer be posted at the Florida International University Procurement Services website under Intent to Award Postings. Notices of Intent to Award will remain posted for a period of 72 hours. Failure to file a protest in accordance with Florida Board of Governors (BOG) regulation 18.002, or failure to post the bond or other security as required in BOG regulations 18.002 and 18.003, shall constitute a waiver of protest proceedings.

    Information for FIU Departments

    Foreign Suppliers: Foreign suppliers, defined as non-US suppliers, must submit a Supplier Application as outlined above. However, once the Foreign Supplier has been issued an FIU Supplier ID by Procurement Services, the FIU department that is utilizing the Foreign Supplier must contact the Tax Compliance Department in the Office of the Controller. The FIU department must send an email to the Tax Compliance Department. The email must include the following: the supplier's name, FIU Supplier ID (provided by Procurement Services), description of work to be performed by the supplier and attach any contract documents or additional documentation related to the goods and/or services being provided. Tax Compliance will work with the FIU department and the supplier as needed to have the supplier approved in Panthersoft. The Procurement Department cannot approve Foreign Suppliers.

    Honorariums and Stipends: Individuals requiring payment stemming from an honorarium or a stipend do not have to submit a supplier application through the Supplier Registration Portal. All that is required is a completed and signed tax form sent to vendors@fiu.edu in order to be set-up as an FIU supplier for one-time payment. If the individual is a US citizen, a W-9 should be submitted. This form can be accessed on the IRS website. If the individual is a foreign national, then a W-8BEN should be submitted. This form can be accessed on the IRS website.

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