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Office of Business and Finance

The mission of the Office of Business and Finance consists of five key departments that together are tasked with insuring that the University annual budget are in line with strategic initiatives, to support the business function, enhance quality of campus life, provide innovative solutions for increasing accessibility demands, assist existing enterprises with strategic oversight, and assess new opportunities. The departments include Office of Financial Planning, Office of Auxiliary and Enterprise Development, Office of Business Services, Department of Parking & Transportation, and Office of University Sustainability.

Office of the Controller

The Office of the Controller is dedicated to supporting the teaching, research and service missions of the FIU community by providing efficient and effective financial and administrative services, by enabling access to information and resources, by supporting internal controls and regulatory compliance and by promoting the financial health and security of each unit and of the University as a whole. Departments under the Office of the Controller include Purchasing Services, Accounting & Reporting Services, Financial Systems and Support Services, and Payment Services

Office of the Treasurer

The mission of the Office of the Treasurer is to facilitate the university’s growth by leveraging internal and external funds. Our task is to capitalize resources to aid the financing of capital projects and administer investments for the growth of the university.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management’s mission is to provide for the physical development and growth of the University community. The Department is committed to providing quality, sustainable facilities, and diligent oversight of all aspects of the physical environment.

Division of Human Resources

The mission of the Division of Human Resources is to provide outstanding customer service and quality leadership to the University community as well as to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Our focus is to be a strategically high impact division by building collaborative and inclusive partnerships in all areas of the University.

Office of Disaster Management & Emergency Operations

The Office of Disaster Management & Emergency Operations consists of two key departments that together are tasked with insuring the highest level of human, infrastructure and environmental safety university wide. The departments include Department of Emergency Management, whose mission is to administer and support FIU’s comprehensive disaster preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation needs through the coordination of information and resources to protect our students, faculty, staff and infrastructure with the goal of restoring university operations as soon as possible. Also included is the Department of Environmental Health and Safety whose mission is to support and guide the university community on maintaining a safe and healthy environment while preserving compliance with federal and state hazardous materials and environmental health and safety standards. These programs is designed to provide an customer oriented, educational approach for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to better live, learn, teach, work and or visit in a safe and environmentally clean and sustainable environment.

University Police Department

Florida International University Police Department (FIUPD) is committed to improving the quality of life in a collaborative effort with community members while enforcing state laws and university policies in a professional manner. We empower and develop our personnel to achieve excellence, and guide our actions based on integrity, honesty and fairness in support of facilitating a safe educational environment. The philosophy of community oriented policing is instrumental to the manner in which the department functions and operates.