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Newsletter 2015-2016 Volume 6

In this Edition...

  • Monthly Closing Calendars
  • Surplus Warehouse Closed for Renovations
  • BIN Attacks
  • New Purchasing Resource
  • Multiple Purchase Order Number
  • Timely Card Cancellation
  • Accounts Payable Vendor Assignment Updates
  • Travel & Expenses Letter Assignment Updates
  • Reminders and Deadlines
  • Monthly Closing Calendars

    The November 2015 period in the general ledger has closed. When running your reports, please keep in mind that the reporting environment has a 24 hour delay in displaying data. The current and future month-end processing deadline schedules can be found at: Monthly Closing Deadlines.

    Surplus Warehouse Closed for Renovations

    The Surplus Warehouse will be closed for renovations beginning Wednesday, December 16th and re-opening with limited access on Monday, December 28th.

    All Surplus Transfer Forms submitted to Property Control after Monday, December 7th, will be held until the Warehouse reopens.

    BIN Attacks

    Universities are seeing a resurgence of a recurring type of PCard fraud called BIN Attacks, where users are not spotting the fraud and institutions are not reporting it in a timely manner.

    In this method of fraud, criminals obtain a good card number and generate valid card numbers in the BIN ranges, using generator software. Attackers formulate the fraudulent credit card numbers using the first 6 digits of a legitimate credit card, also referred to as the card BIN (Bank Identification Number), and guess the remaining digits to successfully make online purchases.

    This is not related to PCI-DSS, which does not apply here as we are the cardholders, nor is it any kind of local hack to obtain FIU's full numbers. The card numbers are being fabricated/used by criminals. According to Sysware Group, Business Intelligence Consultancy, criminals obtain this information by using a card that has been lost or stolen, skimming via an electronic reader that records the card information contained on the magnetic strip, or from obtaining discarded receipts.

    While the issuing banks ultimately own detection and financial losses, cardholders and approvers have an important role in minimizing risk of fraud to FIU accounts. Our best defense is to pay close attention to individual statements and review closely for fraud activity. If fraud is detected, prompt action must be taken to cancel the card with the bank and file a fraud claim to dispute any unauthorized activity.

    Activity can also be monitored/reviewed between billing statements by visiting www.paymentnet.jpmorgan.com. Select "Transactions" and "Manage".

    New Purchasing Resource

    Purchasing Services has created a Piggyback Contract Guideline and Checklist for the utilization of another entity's public contract ("Piggyback") by FIU. This guideline outlines the criteria, process and documentation needed to Piggyback. Piggybacking off of another entities' contract for the same services or commodities eliminates the requirement of FIU to conduct a competitive procurement. This guideline and the accompanying checklist can be found on Purchasing Services website under Purchasing Procedures at http://finance.fiu.edu/purchasing/2procedures1.html.

    Multiple Purchase Order Number

    eProcurement provides us with the convenience of being able to customize our requisitions to our specific needs. However, certain things we enter can cause multiple purchase orders to generate from one requisition. Below is the list of actions that can generate multiple purchase orders:

  • Mixed Requisitions: Requester has both myFIUmarket items and a special request item on one requisition. Requester will receive a PO# for the market item and one for the special request item

  • Multiple Suppliers: If a user has more than one supplier on a special request or myFIUmarket requisition, user will receive one purchase order per supplier

  • Multiple Supplier Locations: If a user has the same supplier but with different supplier locations on a special request requisition, user will receive one purchase order per supplier location

  • Multiple Ship To Addresses: If the requester splits one line to ship to different

  • Any combination of the aforementioned will generate multiple purchase orders as well.

  • Timely Card Cancellation

    Departments have a responsibility for timely card cancellation. When a card needs to be cancelled due to a cardholder transferring to another department or termination of employment, the approver or Department MUST notify the CCS Team in an email immediately, prior to any Card Cancellation Form being sent.

    Departments that fail to follow the correct and timely card cancellation protocols risk losing the card privileges for their entire unit.

    Accounts Payable Vendor Assignment Updates

    Please make note of the following vendor assignment updates in Accounts Payable:

    Beatriz Castaņeda A, E, F, O, X, Y, Foreign Payments
    Karla Alfaro B, C, D, G, M, N, Z
    Zerelda Rodriguez H, I, J, K, L, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, FEDEX

    Library invoices and GLOWS packages should be sent to Johaira Pilarte at CSC 329.

    Travel & Expenses Letter Assignment Updates

    The Travel & Expenses Department letter assignments by last name are as follows:

    Sandra Ocampo C, D, G, J, M, P, R, V
    Yaniz Gallimore A, E, H, K, N, Q, T, X, Y
    Alejandra Blanco B, F, I, L, O, S, U, W, Z

    Travel Reminder

    Let's expedite approving Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances and Expense reports. Documents that have not been completely finalized and are older than 90 days will be cancelled or deleted by the Travel Department. For a list of pending documents, please click here. For information regarding report status abbreviations and how to close or cancel Travel Authorizations and/or Expense Reports, please click here.

    Monthly Departmental Card Deadline

    As a reminder, Departmental Card billing transactions regularly load the first business day of the month; program participants will have 10 days to process this activity in its entirety. This month's billing statement (dated 11/30/15) loaded into PantherSoft on December 1st and must be completely processed by the end of business on December 15, 2015.

    Any charges not processed by the closing deadline will be automatically charged to the cardholder's default accounting on file and will not eligible for expense transfer.

    Additionally, cardholders with three unjustified non-approvals in the same fiscal year will have their card limits temporarily suspended until they complete a retraining session.

    Unidentified Wire Transfers and ACH Payments

    The Controller's Office occasionally receives payments that cannot be applied to the appropriate department due to inadequate information. Click here for the list of unidentified wire transfers and ACH payments as of November 30, 2015.

    To claim a payment, please contact Cash Management (Angelmar Ortega, aortega@fiu.edu, (305) 348-2052 or Leslie-Anne Triana, latriana@fiu.edu, (305) 348-1250) and provide the following information:

  • payment details

  • activity details

  • account to which the payment should be recorded
  • Payments that are not identified within 45 days of the wire/ACH date will be returned to the sender.

    How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter

    If you wish to be added to the ListServ for the Panther Post, please email controller@fiu.edu.

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