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Newsletter 2013-2014 Volume 10

In this Edition...

  • Monthly Closing Calendars
  • Fiscal Year End 2013-14 Memo is Now Available
  • University's Audit Report
  • Departmental Card Food & Catering Reminder
  • Important Changes to Accounts Payable
  • New Travel & Expense Staff Member
  • Vendor ID Required on Requisitions
  • Updates on the Approval Workflow Process of the E-Form
  • Approve Requisitions on the Go
  • Tuition Calc Overview Training
  • Notice to Requisition Approvers
  • Contracts Reminder
  • Student Information Form for Travel and Expense Reimbursement
  • Property Auction
  • Reminders and Deadlines
  • Monthly Closing Calendars

    The March 2014 period in the general ledger has closed. When running your reports, please keep in mind that the Reporting Environment has a 24 hour delay in displaying data. The current month schedule can be found at: Monthly Closing Deadlines.

    The month end processing deadlines for FY2014-15 are now available in the Controller's website under Accounting and Reporting Services.

    Fiscal Year End 2013-14 Memorandum is now Available

    The fiscal year end closing process is quickly approaching. In preparation of the fiscal year end close, please refer to the FY2013-14 Year End Memorandum for important information including all year end closing deadlines and a listing of departmental contacts. Our team counts on you to meet crucial year end and monthly closing deadlines, so we thank you for your efforts and cooperation throughout the year.

    University's Audit Report

    The University’s audit report for FYE 6/30/2013 was recently issued by the State Auditor General. This report, as well as previous years audit reports, is available on the Office of the Controller website.

    Departmental Card Food & Catering Reminder

    The University has completed a competitive solicitation for on-campus catering services; please click here to review the list of authorized catering partners for FIU.

    While the primary method of payment is the FIU Departmental Card, it is important to keep in mind that ALL FIU Departmental Card guidelines and procedures must be adhered to; please refer to Page 23 of the Credit Card Solutions Cardholder Manual for additional information on food purchases.

    Important Changes to Accounts Payable

    The Accounts Payable department will be implementing a new scanning solution this summer. Although the impact to the University community will be minimal, your cooperation will be an integral part of the success of the changes.

    While the implementation will not occur for a few months, there are steps that you can take now. Please make note of the following in order to ensure that vendor invoices are processed and paid in a timely manner:

    1. Delivery of Invoices

      • The best practice is for the vendor to send the invoices directly to Accounts Payable.

      • Invoices@fiu.edu should be used ONLY for invoices.
        • The e-mail will be system monitored.
        • Questions or comments on the e-mails will NOT be read or responded to.
        • Any special handling requests should be noted on the face of the invoice.

      • Invoices will only be accepted in PDF format. Include one invoice (along with supporting documentation) per PDF document.

      • Questions regarding payment status should be directed to the AP Fiscal Assistant assigned to the vendor.

    2. When placing orders, ensure that the vendor has the correct (current and valid) purchase order number.

    3. Invoices should not be handwritten. Handwritten invoices will have a slower turnaround time. All invoices should have the PO number typed on the invoice.

    Invoices will continue to be accepted by mail and interoffice mail. However, invoices submitted by e-mail to invoices@fiu.edu will have a quicker turnaround time.

    The new e-mail address is active. You may begin using it immediately.

    If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Liza Del Campo at (305) 348-3889.

    New Travel & Expenses Staff Member

    The Travel & Expenses Department welcomes Noel Urbina to its staff. The letter assignments by last name are as follows:

    Sandra Ocampo Ciak Travel (A, G, I, J, M, R)* (305) 348-4041
    Yaniz A Gallimore Travel (B, D, K, N, S, V)* (305) 348-2663
    Alejandra M Blanco Travel (C, F, L, P, U, W, Z)* (305) 348-1141
    Noel Urbina Travel (E, H, O, Q, T, X, Y)* (305) 348-2438

    Vendor ID Required on Requisitions

    Effective Monday, March 24th, the Vendor ID is required on Requisitions. If requester does not enter a valid value in the Vendor ID field, the error shown below will appear and requester will be unable to save the requisition.

    Updates on the Approval Workflow Process of the E-Form

    Financials Systems and Support Services is continuing to review and improve on the approval workflow process of the e-form. Please note the process is different effective with the October 2013 requests.

    Forms created starting Oct. 13: Links to “APPROVE” e-forms, as well as to “VIEW” Requested and already Approved e-forms can be found in the ImageNow Dashboard using the following navigation in PantherSoft: Main Menu >> Reporting Tools >> ImageNow Dashboard

    Forms created before Oct. 13: Links to approve e-forms can be found in the notification e-mails. If e-mails are no longer available, links can be requested from controller@fiu.edu.

    Approve Requisitions On the Go

    As part of our ongoing effort to deliver approval functionality via mobile devices to FIU employees, PantherSoft is pleased to introduce the Requisition Requests Mobile Approval solution for FIU Mobile.

    Starting Monday, April 7th 2014, all Requisition requests that are available for approval will be accessible through FIU Mobile. This and other Employee self-service functionality is available by downloading the FIU Mobile app from Apple's App Store, Android's Google Play or by accessing m.fiu.edu from your mobile device browser. For your convenience, please see the Quick Reference document for instructions.

    Please contact the Financials Systems Support Services call center at 7-7200 should you have any questions.

    Tuition Calc Overview Training

    Financial Systems & Support Services is offering training on the Student Financials Tuition Calculation functionality. This session will provide an overview of the components involved in tuition calculation and explain how system changes can affect the student’s account. We invite you to register for this initial session by logging into Professional Development (keywords: tuition calc.):


    Training will be held on April 15, 2014 at CSC 1123 from 9:30AM-11:30AM.

    If you cannot attend this session please be aware that this course will be available as part of our Financial System Support Services curriculum. If you have any questions on this training, please contact the FSSS Help Desk at (305) 348-7200.

    Notice to Requisition Approvers

    The PantherSoft Team will remove the Requestor role from all users who have never issued a requisition. Please contact the FSSS Call Center at extension 7-7200 for any questions regarding PeopleSoft Financials, which includes any requisition questions.

    Contracts Reminder

    As a reminder, contracts related items (with the exception of Competitive Solicitations) need to be scanned and forwarded to contracts@fiu.edu in order to be reviewed and processed. The Contracts Under $75,000.00 process is outlined on the Purchasing website at http://finance.fiu.edu/purchasing/2procedures1.html. Please read the Contract Templates Procedures last updated 05/02/2013 as a reference. If you have any questions regarding the Contracts Under $75,000.00 process, please contact Pam Johnson at (305) 348- 6585.

    Student Information Form for Travel and Expense Reimbursement

    All Student Information Form for Travel and Expense Reimbursement forms must be sent to vendors@fiu.edu for immediate processing. Please do not send the form to an individual’s email account.

    Property Auction

    The Surplus Warehouse will be closed beginning Wednesday, May 7th in preparation for the next auction. The re-opening date will be announced in the next newsletter.

    All Surplus Transfer Forms in or out of the Warehouse must be submitted to Property Control no later than Friday, April 25th.

    The property auction for the Surplus Warehouse has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 21st. All are invited.

    Items to be auctioned include personal computers, laptops, printers, scanners, faxes, copiers, furniture, refrigerators, audio visual equipment, vehicles, & more.

    Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. and the bid process starts at 10:00 a.m. For additional information please call 305-348-2167.

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    Monthly Departmental Card Deadlines

    As a reminder, Departmental Card billing transactions regularly load the first business day of the month; program participants will have 10 days to process this activity in its entirety. This month’s billing statement (dated 3/31/14) loaded into PantherSoft on April 1st and must be completely processed by the end of business on April 15, 2014.

    Any charges not processed by the closing deadline will be automatically charged to the cardholders default accounting on file and will not eligible for expense transfer. Additionally, cardholders with three unjustified non-approvals in the same fiscal year will have their card limits temporarily suspended until they complete a retraining session.

    Travel Reminder

    As we continue the fiscal year of 2013-2014, let’s expedite approving Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances and Expense reports. The Travel Department is diligently deleting all old reports that have not been completely processed. New Reports will need to be created for those items that have been deleted from the Financials system if necessary. Please remember that open Travel Authorizations will encumber funds until they are matched to an expense report or closed.

    For information regarding report status abbreviations and how to close or cancel Travel Authorizations and/or Expense Reports, please click here.

    Unidentified Wire Transfers and ACH Payments

    The Controller’s Office occasionally receives payments that cannot be applied to the appropriate department due to inadequate information. Click here for the list of unidentified wire transfers and ACH payments as of April 4, 2014.

    To claim a payment, please contact Cash Management (Raul Velez, RVVelez@fiu.edu, (305) 348-2542) and provide the following information:

  • payment details

  • activity details

  • account to which the payment should be recorded
  • Payments that are not identified within 45 days of the wire/ACH date will be returned to the sender.

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    How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter

    If you wish to be added to the ListServ for the Panther Post, please email controller@fiu.edu.

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