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Newsletter 2013-14 Volume 2

In this Edition...

  • Director of Purchasing Update
  • New Fiscal Year
  • Petty Cash and Participant Payment Fund Information
  • Monthly Departmental Card Deadlines
  • Departmental Card and T&E Card Tax Information
  • Travel Updates
  • Cancelling vs. Deleting a Travel Authorization
  • Smart Billing Entry Page Update
  • How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter
  • Director of Purchasing Update

    Jimmy Carmenate, CPA is leaving the Office of the Controller on August 16, 2013 to become a Clinical Instructor in the FIU School of Accounting. We would like to welcome Kelly Loll as the new Director of Purchasing and wish Jimmy much success in his new faculty position.

    Prior to joining FIU as the Director of Purchasing, Kelly Loll worked for the State of Florida as the Director of State Purchasing and Chief Procurement Officer. Kelly also worked four years for the State of Georgia Purchasing Division as the Knowledge Center Director for State Purchasing. In addition, Kelly was a Senior Consultant for CGI-AMS, engaged in the Public Sector Group Spend Management initiatives. She has worked on Strategic Sourcing projects for the states of California, Iowa, and Georgia, specifically in the areas of regulatory and procurement process. Prior to becoming a consultant she worked for four different local government agencies in the State of Florida in a leadership role. As the Purchasing and Contracts Manager for three government agencies, she implemented major process improvements based on best practices and saved millions of dollars for her agencies through strategic sourcing.

    Kellyís professional achievements include several Georgia Awards for Innovation; ISM Excellence in Supply Management Award; NASPO Silver Cronin Award for Procurement Excellence; Distinguished Service Award; NIGP Central Florida Chapter Purchasing Manager of the Year Award; several Excellence in Public Service Award; and Outstanding Purchasing Department Innovation Award.

    She has held leadership roles in several professional organizations, including Past President of Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers, Inc.; Past President of the Greater Florida Minority Development Council, Space Coast Chapter; and Past President of the Six County Cooperative. Kelly holds a bachelorís degree in management from the University of Central Florida. Kelly is also a Certified Purchasing Manager and has more than 18 years of management experience.

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    New Fiscal Year

    We would like to thank you all for your cooperation in completing the initial phases of the fiscal year-end closing process. As per the deadlines and procedures in our FY12-13 Year End Memorandum, we have completed fiscal year-end journal entries recorded at the activity number level and as of August 1, the general ledger was closed for FY12-13. We urge everyone to please run and check your reports to see if year-end balances for your activities appear reasonable and if you have questions, please contact our staff.

    While our office moves forward with the process of completing the Universityís financial statements for FY12-13, Controllerís staff will continue recording journal entries mainly necessary for financial statement presentation. While these financial statement journal entries would not directly affect departmentsí year end balances, there is a possibility that instances may arise where an adjustment or correction of an account is necessary, and may require at the Controllerís discretion, a journal entry to be recorded directly to an activity number. In such instances, Controllerís staff would notify the financial manager(s) of the affected department of the adjustment so updated reports can be run. Please keep in mind our staff is here to answer questions and provide assistance and support as needed.

    Do you have an approved Petty Cash or Participant Payment Fund?

    Each new fiscal year, our office requests that all custodians of petty cash funds complete an annual petty cash custodian form and submit it to the Controllerís Office for our records. These forms are reviewed by auditors and serve as confirmation that the funds remain under your care and that they are properly safeguarded. Please complete and sign a new yearly Custodian Acknowledgement Form and submit it to PC 120, attention Emily Burtt.

    Participant Payment Funds (PPF) must have a Custodian Acknowledgement Form completed by the current custodian on file for such funds. In addition, if the period of the approved PPF has lapsed, then the funds must be either returned and the PPF closed, or an Extension Form must be completed, signed, and approved in order for replenishments to continue being processed.

    All forms must have proper signatures and activity numbers or projects, whichever the case. Forms that are not complete will be returned to the custodians for proper completion. Delays in submission of these forms may result in payments being held until completed forms have been received.

    For your convenience, below is the link to all Controllersí Office Forms.


    For questions regarding petty cash or participant payment, call Alicia Sagastume at extension 7-2550.

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    Monthly Departmental Card Deadlines

    This monthís billing statement (dated 7/31/2013) loaded into PantherSoft on August 1st and must be completely processed by the end of business on August 15th. Any charges not processed by the closing deadline will be automatically charged to the cardholder's default accounting on file and will not be eligible for expense transfer.

    Departmental Card and T&E Card Tax Information

    Departmental Card: All transactions made within the State of Florida or that are shipped to the University directly are exempt from the State of Florida Sales and Use tax; a copy of the Universityís Certificate of Exemption is available under the Controllerís Website.

    If the Cardholder is placing an order and is physically in a location outside of the State of Florida, then they may be charged that Stateís sales tax or any other applicable taxes from other countries. Any Federal or local taxes may not be exempt. The Cardholder should always inform the vendor that the purchase is tax-exempt before the transaction is completed. A copy of the tax exempt certificate should be presented to the vendor when placing an order in person or the certificate can be faxed or e-mailed to the vendor.

    If the vendor will not deduct the sales tax or will not honor the Florida Tax Exemption without additional paperwork, the Cardholder may continue with the purchase, but should note on the receipt that they requested that the sales tax not be charged and that the vendor refused. This notation documents that an attempt was made not to have the sales tax charged.

    Travel & Entertainment Card: Transactions made with the T&E Card are not exempt from the State of Florida Sales and Use Tax.

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    Travel Updates

    As we continue the new fiscal year of 2013-2014, letís expedite approving Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances and Expense reports. The Travel Department is diligently deleting all old reports that have not been completely processed. New Reports will need to be created for those items that have been deleted from the Financials system if necessary. Please remember that open Travel Authorizations will encumber funds until they are matched to an expense report or closed.

    For information regarding report status abbreviations and how to close or cancel Travel Authorizations and/or Expense Reports, please click here.

    Travel Services Contact Information

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    Cancelling vs. Deleting a Travel Authorization

    A Travel Authorization can only be cancelled once it has been Approved. If the Travel Authorization is still in the approval process, it can be deleted.

    Smart Billing Entry Page Update

    Effective August 12, 2013, the billing and receiving department approvers or project managers will have the option to edit the Billing CostPID, Billing Task and Billing Budget Ref fields before approving the Smart Internal bill.

    Financial Systems & Support Services Contact Information

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    How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter

    If you wish to be added to the ListServ for the Panther Post, please email controller@fiu.edu.

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