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Newsletter 2013 Volume 18

In this Edition...

  • Monthly Closing Calendars
  • Proxy Access Information
  • PantherSoft Financials Training
  • Monthly Departmental Card Deadline
  • Card Inactivity Reviews
  • 90 Day TA & Expense Report Deadline
  • Specialized Departmental Travel Training
  • Travel Authorizations & Expense Reports Pending Further Action
  • How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter
  • Monthly Closing Calendars:

    The December 2012 period in the general ledger has closed. When running your reports, please keep in mind that the Reporting Environment has a 24 hour delay in displaying data. Our team counts on you to meet crucial Monthly Closing Deadlines that enable us to maintain a timely financial reporting process. The current month schedule can be found at Accounting and Reporting Services.

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    Proxy Access Information

    To ensure we have proper system controls in place and for audit purposes, Financial Systems Services and Support (FSSS) can no longer grant proxy access to a user’s account. If at all possible please have the user call the Helpdesk at Ext 7-7200 while he or she is logged in to the application for FSSS to walk them through the process.

    To grant proxy access, navigate to: Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expense Center > Profiles and Preferences > Delegate Entry Authority > click the ‘+’ symbol – enter the Panther Id of the person you wish to give the delegation – tab out of this field to ensure this is the correct person – click the yellow Save button followed by the OK button.

    In case of an emergency and the user cannot login to the application (i.e. leave, vacation, no system access), please have the user’s HR Supervisor or the Organization’s Expense Manager send an email to controller@fiu.edu with a detailed explanation as to why the user cannot perform this task. The requests will be reviewed; FSSS will grant proxy access and use the email to support the change in PantherSoft.

    PantherSoft Financials Training

    The Financial Systems and Support training team has posted the PantherSoft financials courses for spring term. To view available training on PantherSoft Financials and to register, please navigate to the Training Registration Site.

    Financial Systems & Support Services Contact Information

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    Monthly Departmental Card Deadline

    As a reminder, Departmental Card billing transactions regularly load the first business day of the month; program participants will have 10 days to process this activity in its entirety. This month’s billing statement dated (December 31st) loaded into PantherSoft on January 3rd and must be completely processed by the end of business on January 17th.

    Card Inactivity Reviews

    At the end of each fiscal quarter, a Card Inactivity Review is conducted by the Credit Card Solutions Team. Cardholders who have not had card activity during the consecutive three month period prior to the review will be sent an Inactivity Notification via email.

    If the card is still needed, a Cardholder is required to reply to the email with a justification as to why the card account must remain open. Cardholders may also reply to the notification indicating that the card is no longer needed request card cancellation.

    If no response is received within three weeks of the notification, the card account will be automatically cancelled and the Cardholder will receive notification.

    Credit Card Solutions Contact Information

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    90 Day TA & Expense Report Deadline

    Travel Authorizations with encumbrances, and Expense Reports that have not been either paid and/or completely processed will be removed from the Financials system after 90 days. Expense reports are required to be created ten (10) days after the completion of a trip for reimbursement and/or accountability.

    Specialized Departmental Travel Training

    The Travel and Expenses department now offers specialized departmental training on FIU Travel policies. To schedule training for your department, contact the Travel Manager at (305) 348-2543.

    Travel Authorizations & Expense Reports Pending Further Action

    As we continue with the fiscal year of 2012-2013, let's expedite approving all Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances, and Expense Reports to ensure prompt accountability and/or reimbursement. It is also important that you review and take appropriate action necessary on the items listed:

  • If there are Travel Authorizations (TA’s) in an approved (APR) status for trips that have already occurred, make sure an expense report is created to close those TA’s.

  • If the travel was cancelled and there were no expenses incurred, then cancel the TA’s to release these encumbrances. See navigation below.

  • If the trip has already occurred and an Expense Report has been paid, then cancel the TA for that report.

  • If you are an HR Supervisor, Expense Manager or Project Manager, please expedite any TA's awaiting your approval.

  • If there are Expense Reports (ER’s) in a pending (PND) status, please review and If the Expense Reports need to be processed, please click the submit key.

  • If the Expense Reports do not need to be processed, please call the Travel Department at #7-2543 or the Call Center at 7-7200.

  • If you are an Expense Manger or Project Manager please expedite any Expense Reports awaiting your approval.
  • Navigation: Employee Self-Service > Travel and Expense Center > Travel Authorization > Cancel > Enter Traveler’s Employee ID > Search > Select the TA# to Cancel > Cancel Selected Travel Authorization.

    Travel Services Contact Information

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    How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter

    The Panther Post is distributed to individuals on the following ListServ: Office of the Controller, Finance-Managers and Panther Post. If you wish to be added to the ListServ for the Panther Post, please email controller@fiu.edu.

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