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  Newsletter 2012 Volume 7

  In this Edition...

  • General Updates
  • Accounting and Reporting Services Tips
  • Payment Services - Credit Card Solutions
  • Payment Services - Travel Services
  • Financial Systems and Support Services
  • How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter
  •   General Updates

      Target Audience: All PantherSoft Users

      Throughout the university community, we have all experienced e-mail overload which may result in important   information being overlooked. The Controllerís office is sensitive to this dilemma, therefore in an effort to reduce the   overload while ensuring important financial related information is effectively communicated, we hope to change the   medium for Controllerís office announcements from multiple e-mails to a single monthly Panther Post. This resource   will also be accessible through the Controllerís office web site News link. It will keep you posted on current monthís   topics, events, announcements for monthly closings and other upcoming deadlines and also serve as a reference tool   to review and research prior topics from previously issued newsletters. The archived newsletters are available   through the Controllerís office website Archived Newsletters.

      If you wish to be added to the ListServ for the Panther Post, please email GLMAINT.

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      Accounting and Reporting Services

      Target Audience: All PantherSoft Users  

      Smart Internal Billing: The Office of Auxiliary and Enterprise Development along with UTS are happy to introduce   the Smart Internal Billing tool to the university community. Many departments across FIU render services to each other   for a specified fee and sometimes due to untimely or inaccurate billing those fees or revenues are not collected   resulting in revenue shortfalls. Smart Internal Billing is an electronic invoicing tool that directly addresses this issue by   facilitating revenue collection from internal customers.

      Benefits of the Tool Include:

  • Improvement of revenue collection by the enterprise performing the service

  • Reduction of data-entry errors and labor costs by eliminating the need for double entry into the paper     form and then PantherSoft

  • Compliance by recharge centers with federal rate-setting and expense allocation requirements

  • Automated workflow process
  •   Security and User Roles: Access to the tool is limited to organizational department approvers and project   managers. Other users are given access through a formal process initiated by an organizational approver. For   example, an organizational approver may request access for another user within his/her organization to be able to   enter and/or modify items as well as create invoices. To view a video on how to approve or deny invoices click here.

      Implementation Timeline: To date, the Smart Internal Billing system has been rolled out successfully for use by   UTS and the College of Business Administration and will be rolled out to the remaining units in mid February 2012. At   that time, the Department ID transfer form will no longer be used. Instead, those of you being billed internally will now   be asked to approve charges in PantherSoft. You will be notified that an electronic invoice was created which requires   your approval via an email with the subject: ďBilling ID XXXXXXXXXXX has been routed to you for approvalď.

      Smart Journal Entry: In addition, the Office of Auxiliary and Enterprise Development along with UTS have unveiled   the Smart Journal Entry tool to facilitate the cash transfer process.

      Benefits of using Smart Journal:

  • Eliminates double entry

  • Checks available cash balance of transferring department

  • Automatic posting once data is entered
  •   Training: For training information on the Smart Internal Billing and the Smart Journal tools contact the FSSS   Helpdesk at ext 7-7200 or visit our Training Registration link.

      Monthly Closing Calendars: Our team counts on you to meet crucial Monthly Closing Deadlines that enable us to   maintain a timely financial reporting process. The current month schedule can be found at Accounting and Reporting   Services.

      Accounting and Reporting Services Contact Information

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      Payment Services - Credit Card Solutions

      Target Audience: All Credit Card Users

       JP Morgan Card Implementation Complete - New Tools Available:The Credit Card Solution Team would like to    extend our appreciation to the University Community for their help in the successful implementation of the JP Morgan    Card Programs. Your valuable feedback and prompt action was essential in our smooth transition. Have you logged    in to the PaymentNet Site yet?

      JP Morganís PaymentNet system provides cardholders online access to features such as:

  • PDF Copy of Billing Monthly Statements

  • The ability to view current, live card activity as well as authorizations and declines

  • Access to a variety of preset transaction queries

  • An easy, online payment mechanism (for T&E Cardholders only)
  •   To learn more about PaymentNet and review step-by-step instructions for logging in, refer to page 41 of your   Departmental card Manual and/or page 18 of your T&E Card Manual.

      Have you had change in employment, transfer or termination?

      As a reminder, the Credit Card Solutions Team must be notified by the Cardholder or by the Cardholderís department   whenever the Cardholder and/or Approver retires, resigns, transfers to another department, or assumes different   duties that do not require using the Departmental Card.

      The following actions must be completed, prior to any departmental transfer:

  • Discontinue the use of the Departmental Card temporarily, until the Credit Card Solutions Administrator     advises the Cardholder that the change has been completed.

  • Complete a new Departmental Cardholder Application, mark the correct Action Requested box and     submit the new form to the Credit Card Solutions Team. This request must be approved by the new     departmentís VP, Dean or Director.

  • Turn in all receipts from the previous department for outstanding purchases to the Approver.

  • If the new supervisor will not approve the individualís continuation as a Cardholder, notify the Credit     Card Solutions Team immediately and return the Departmental Card for cancellation, utilizing the     Departmental Card Cancellation Form.
  •   If a Cardholder terminates their employment with the University, they are required to:

  • Stop using the Departmental Card, immediately or at a minimum of two weeks prior to their last working     date and notify the Credit Card Solutions Administrator.

  • Turn in all receipts of outstanding purchases to their Approver.

  • Complete the Departmental Card Cancellation Form: Cut the card in half and attach the pieces to the     form; obtain Supervisor, VP, Dean, or Director Signature, and mail it to the Credit Card Solutions     Team.

  • The Cardholderís Approver should also send an e-mail to the Credit Card Solutions Administrator when     a Cardholder leaves the University.
  •   University Card Security:

      Each cardholder is responsible for the security of the card assigned to them. Use of the University issued Credit   Cards is limited to the Cardholder whose name appears on the face of the card. Under no circumstances will a card   be given or loaned out to another person.

  • Please remember that all precautions should be used to maintain confidentiality of all information     relating to your card, such as the card number and expiration date.

  • The Card and/or Card number should never be left in a conspicuous place, emailed or shared with     anyone else, even with a trusted colleague.

  •   Credit Card Solutions Contact Information

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      Payment Services - Travel

      Target Audience: All Finance Managers

      It is important that you review the attached spreadsheets and take appropriate action necessary to assist in   reconciling and expediting payments to the University community. We will continue to send the list of encumbered   Travel Authorizations (TA's) and Expense Reports requiring approval for this fiscal year. The following are some   important reminders:

      Encumbered TAís:

  • If there are Travel Authorizations (TAís) in an approved (APR) status for trips that have already     occurred, make sure an expense report is created to close those TAís.

  • If the travel was cancelled and there were no expense incurred, then cancel the TAís to release these     encumbrances. See navigation below.

  • If the trip has already occurred and an Expense Report has been paid, then cancel the TA for that     report.

  • If you are an HR Supervisor, Expense Manger or Project Manager please expedite any TAís awaiting     your approval.
  •     If guidance is needed with the process of closing Travel Authorizations (TA), the following navigation is helpful, or     contact the Call Center at 7-7200 or email at glmaint.

      Navigation: Employee Self-Service> Travel and Expense Center> Travel Authorization> Cancel> Enter Travelerís   Employee ID> Search> Select the TA# to Cancel> Cancel Selected Travel Authorization.

      Expense Reports pending further action:

  • If there are Expense Reports (ERís) in a pending (PND) status, please review and if the Expense     Reports need to be processed, please click the submit key.

  • If the Expense Reports do not need to be processed, please call the Travel Department at #7-2543 or     the Call Center at 7-7200.

  • If you are an Expense Manger or Project Manager please expedite any Expense Reports awaiting your     approval.
  •   Status Abbreviations:

      Approved - APR

      Approvals in Process - PAR

      Submitted - SUB

      Pending - PND

      Travel Services Contact Information

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      Financial Systems and Support Services

      Target Audience: All PantherSoft Users

      ImageNow eForms Project:  In December, the FSSS (Financial Systems and Support Services) group kicked off a   pilot project to electronically replace everyday Controllerís Office paper forms using the ImageNow eForms tool. This   tool will make it possible for employees, vendors, and other parties associated with the university to access, complete   and electronically submit forms such as the Vendor Application. Today, these users would have to access the form   from the Controllerís website, download, print, then submit the form via mail. The tool also has built-in workflow that   allows for automated approvals where FIU personnel are involved. This functionality will follow business rules similar to   PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses.

      In addition to electronic submission and approval workflow of form information to the university, the tool captures the   data elements that can be categorized and are searchable/reportable within the tool. It also has attachment capability,   so IRS forms and other documentation can be attached by the users, when the form is submitted. Additionally, the tool   will export the captured data directly to PeopleSoft, eliminating dual data entry.

      The initial pilot is developing the Vendor Application Form and the Unemcumbered Payment Form. Since both of   these forms are resource intensive and of a relatively high volume we hope to realize an immediate efficiency impact   for us all.

      Associate Controller-Financial Systems and Support:  The Office of the Controller is currently seeking an   Associate Controller-Financial Systems and Support Services to provide leadership and management including vision,   oversight and supervision, consistent with the goals and objectives of the University, Division of Finance   Administration and Office of the Controller to the department of Financial Systems Support Services.

      For further information or to apply online visit the Careers at FIU website and reference job opening #503890.

      Financial Systems and Support Services Contact Information

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      How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter

      The Panther Post is distributed to individuals on the following ListServ: Office of the Controller, Finance-Managers   and PantherPost. If you wish to be added to the ListServ for the Panther Post, please email GLMAINT.

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