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Newsletter 2018-2019 Volume 1

In this Edition...

  • Monthly Closing Calendars
  • Changes to the Quote Threshold
  • P2P Update
  • Confirming Purchase Orders
  • Annual Sole Source Certification
  • Expense Reports with Payment Type “University Credit Card”
  • FIU Airline Corporate Reward Numbers
  • Reminders and Deadlines
  • Monthly Closing Calendars

    The initial close of the general ledger for the month of June 2018 was completed on July 16th, 2018. This date was the deadline to record all journal entries from university departments, process allocation journals for the shared services fee and record accruals for major expenses like payroll and initial accounts payable in the system. From July 17th to August 1st, the Controller's office will continue to record additional accruals and other closing entries for financial statement purposes. On August 2nd, university departments will be able to run reports for FY2017-18. Refer to the FY2017-18 Year End Memorandum for further information. Our team counts on you to meet crucial year-end and monthly closing deadlines. We thank you for your effort and cooperation throughout the year.

    Changes to the Quote Threshold

    Due to the changes to the Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards, 2 CFR 200.317-326 effective July 1, 2018, FIU’s micro-purchase threshold is $9,999 and any purchases, including blanket POs between $10,000 and $74,999 will require two quotes. On blanker POs obtain the second quote based on items purchased last fiscal year. We know this is just an estimate, however it will be considered as the second quote.

    If two quotes cannot be obtained for purchases over $10,000 you will need to utilize the new Sole Source Request Form located on the Controller’s Website. When using sponsored funds, the only exceptions allowable will be if an item is a subaward to an outside entity (as the prime contract’s term and conditions flow through to the subrecipent) and handled through a separate process through ORED or meet the criteria set forth in federal regulations and approved in advance of the order/service and approved by ORED and Procurement Director through a Sponsored Research Purchase Exemption Request located on ORED’s website.

  • Emergency
  • Sponsor approved non-competitive proposals
  • After solicitation of a number of sources, competition is determined inadequate
  • For all other University funds, in addition to the Sole Source Request Form, the University will continue to use the exemptions allowable under statute and also through those designated through an annual sole source certification.

    If you have any questions please review the information found in the Procurement Manual, Section II.3.2 Sole Source Purchases or contact Kelly Loll, Procurement Director at kloll@fiu.edu.

    P2P update

    On June 4, 2018 Procurement Services went live with Jaggaer’s Sourcing Director which includes electronic competitive solicitation request form, electronic solicitation notification, electronic solicitation response submission, evaluation and award notification. Suppliers are notified of the opportunity and they can submit offers electronically for FIU’s RFQs, ITBs, RFPs, RFIs and ITNs. You can view current solicitations at FIU’s Public Solicitation Portal.

    Jaggaer also provides services to the University for Total Contract Manager (TCM) solution. TCM is FIU’s online contract management tool used for all Procurement Contracts. TCM is used to execute, manage and view all Procurement Contracts, utilizing DocuSign for electronic signatures.

    Should you require access to TCM as a Contract Manager, Contract Approver, or Contract Viewer or access to Sourcing Director, you may request it via the Total Contract Manager (TCM) and Electronic Solicitation Access Request Form

  • You will have to login with your FIU Username and Password
  • Once submitted, the form will automatically route to your HR Supervisor (and Expense Manager for the College of Business) for approval before Procurement Services receives notification of your request

  • Confirming Purchase Orders

    FIU entities are not authorized to place orders directly with suppliers for goods or services for which a purchase order is required. Procurement Services is the only authorized purchasing agent for the University. If an FIU entity has an immediate need, Procurement Services may issue a purchase order with a supplier after the proper procurement method has been selected and executed. In the event that goods or services are received prior to a purchase order being issued, an explanation/justification shall be provided with the requisition and it will be considered a confirming purchase order.

    Procurement Services will send the requester a confirming PO email notice after they have identified the purchase order to be “after-the-fact” and before processing the purchase order.

    Confirming POs are documented in Procurement Services. If a requester has been identified as submitting three confirming POs within the fiscal year, he/she is required to attend training and Executive Leadership will be informed. If the requester does not attend the training, Procurement Services may remove their access to enter requisitions in PantherSoft Financial system.

    The confirming PO email informs the requester that Procurement Services is the only authorized agent for the University to place orders and identifies how many confirming POs have been documented for that requester.

    Annual Sole Source Certification

    Annual Sole Source Certification for Fiscal Year 18-19 was approved by the President. Click here to review the document. Category 11 of the Annual Sole Source Certification now includes Rental of Residential Space.

    Expense Reports with Payment Type “University Credit Card”

    Expense reports that have a payment type of “University Credit Card” and are not checked as “non-reimbursable”, will be systematically sent back by the Travel dept. for revision, unless a description is entered stating that the University Credit Card is a “Travel & Entertainment” Card (T&E). A recent audit by the Office of Internal Audit revealed that some individuals had been reimbursed in error for items that were prepaid by the university. The UTS Panthersoft team is diligently working to fix this in the system where prepaid items will automatically default to non-reimbursable.

    Expense report submitters, expense managers and project managers must check reports to ensure that the required items are checked off as indicated below.

    FIU Airline Corporate Reward Numbers

    When making flight reservations (domestic and foreign travel) for individuals that are traveling on behalf of FIU for business travel, make sure that you insert the FIU corporate reward number for American, Delta and United Airlines. This number enables FIU to receive points and rewards that benefit the University. In addition to the FIU corporate reward number, you can still use your personal frequent flyer/reward number and receive personal points and rewards.

    Using both corporate and personal frequent flyer numbers allows the university to receive airline vouchers for research travel and for distribution to students and employees at various university events, as well as provide the individual traveler with frequent flyer points.

    The Corporate Reward numbers are:

    Air Carrier
    FIU Corporate Reward Number
    American Airlines
    Delta Airlines
    United Airlines
    JetBlue - TrueBlue


    Let’s expedite approving Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances, and Expense reports. Documents that have not been completely finalized and are older than 90 days will be cancelled or deleted by the Travel Department. A list of pending documents is located here. Information regarding report status abbreviations and how to close or cancel Travel Authorizations and/or Expense Reports can be found here.

    Departmental Card Deadline

    As a reminder, departmental card billing transactions regularly load the first business day of the month; program participants will have 10 days to process this activity in its entirety. This month's billing statement (dated June 29, 2018) loaded into PantherSoft on July 2, 2018 and must be completely processed by end of the business day on July 6, 2018.

    Any charges not processed by the closing deadline will be automatically charged to the cardholder's default accounting on file and will not be eligible for a transfer. Cardholders with three unjustified non-approvals in the same fiscal year will have their card temporarily suspended until they complete a retraining session

    Unidentified Wire Transfers and ACH Payments

    The Controller's Office occasionally receives payments that cannot be applied to the appropriate department due to inadequate information. Click here for the list of unidentified wire transfers and ACH payments as of July 2018.

    To claim a payment, please contact Cash Management and provide the following information:

  • payment details

  • activity details

  • account to which the payment should be recorded
  • Payments that are not identified within 45 days of the wire/ACH date will be returned to the sender.

    How to sign up for the Panther Post Newsletter

    If you wish to be added to the ListServ for the Panther Post, please email controller@fiu.edu.

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