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Access Request Form
Accounting and Reporting Services Forms
Accounts Payable
Credit Card Dispute Information
Credit Card Program Applications and Cardholder Agreements
Credit Card Other Forms
Credit Card Program Applications
Financial Systems and Support Services
Financial Systems and Support Services - Student Financials
Gift Card Processes and Forms
Merchant Services (MS)
SIGNATURE Level II Background Check Request Form
Procurement Forms
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Student Financials Forms
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Access Request Form    (Top of page)
Access Request Form
Access Request Form Manual

Accounting and Reporting Services Forms    (Top of page)
Cash Transfers Form
Internal Transfer Form
112005-New Activity Journal Template
Cash Collection Points: Annual Verification Form
Cash Collection Points: Application
Departmental Check Log

Accounts Payable    (Top of page)
Unencumbered Payment (University Invoice) Form
Approving an Unencumbered Payment Form
Unencumbered Payment Form Instructional Guide
Allowable Un-encumbered Payment List

Credit Card Dispute Information    (Top of page)
Dispute Guide [Pg16 - 3.15 Disputing a Transaction & Pg43 - 10.2 Filing a Formal Dispute Online]

Credit Card Program Applications and Cardholder Agreements    (Top of page)
Click here to check the status of pending e-Forms
CCS01 - Departmental Card Application
CCS02 - Travel & Entertainment Cardholder Application
CCS03 - Approver Application
CCS04 - Reconciler Application
CCS05 - Departmental Cardholder Approver/Reconciler Update Form
CCS06 - Departmental Card Cardholder Agreement
CCS07 - Travel & Entertainment Card Cardholder Agreement
CCS08 - Card Cancellation Form

Credit Card Other Forms    (Top of page)
CCS09 - Request for Temporary Limit Changes/Merchant Block Override Form
CCS10 - Replacement Receipt Form
CCS11 - Hotel Expense Vendor Agreement
CCS13 - Departmental Card Transfer of Charges Form
Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental-Electronic Agreement
Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental Transition Flyer

Credit Card Reference Documents    (Top of page)
Expense Account Reference Sheet
Procedures for Processing Transactions that Can Not be Approved
Departmental Card Clarification Memo
SUA Program Promotional Flyer
Unallowable Purchase Reimbursement

Disbursements    (Top of page)
Replacement Check Form

Financials Systems and Support    (Top of page)
Activity Number & Department Maintenance Request eForm

  • Instructions to Requestor
  • List of CIP Codes by Department ID for Academic Programs currently offered by FIU. If the Department ID for the new activity is not on the list, please use 00.0000.
  • For new auxiliary enterprises, please complete this online form located here. Request for new auxiliaries will not be approved until this form is completed.
  • For department changes, enter the existing department ID and ONLY COMPLETE the fields to be changed.
  • For Deactivations, use the "New Activity Number Request" option of the e-form, and supply the "MOVE-TO" activity number.
Cost Center Request Form
Item Type Request/Update Form

Gift Card Processes and Forms    (Top of page)
Gift Card Procedures
Gift Card Request Form
Gift Card Distribution Log
Gift Card Monthly Reconciliation Form
Level II Background Check Request Form

Merchant Services     (Top of page)
Required Merchant Journal Template
MS-001 Merchant Application
Level II Background Check Request Form
MS-003 Employee Statement of Understanding Form
MS-004 Employee Change Form
MS-005 Merchant Cancellation Form

Participant Payment forms and Procedures    (Top of page)
Advance For Human Subject Payment Form
Participant Payment Cash Fund Log
Participant Payment Cash Fund Procedure Key Points
Participant Payment Change of Custodian Form
Participant Payment Fund Custodian Acknowledgement Form
Participant Payment Fund Extension Form
Participant Payment Replenishment Form
Gift Card Request for Research Projects (DoR)

Procurement Forms     (Top of page)
Billing Revisions Form
Contract Intake Form - Competitive Solicitation
Contract Intake Form - Over $75,000.00
Contract Intake Form - Under $75,000.00
Emergency PO Request Form
Equipment Evaluation Agreement
Sole Source
Standard Credit Response

    All agreement and addendum templates are available on the Office of the General Counsel website.

   Competitive Solicitation Request Forms     (Top of page)
Competitive Solicitation Request Form
Vendor Presentation Minutes Template
Negotiation Meeting Minutes Template

   Division of Research Forms     (Top of page)
DOR Bid Exemption Certification Form

Property Accounting    (Top of page)
Property To Be Used Off Campus Form
Certification of Private Nonprofit Agency Form
Property That Is Used And Remains Offsite Form
Cannibalization Request Form
Report Of Survey Form
Surplus Form
Asset Transfer Form
Asset Trade In Form

Tax Services    (Top of page)
Certification Statement for Honoraria Payment Recipients
Foreign: National Information Form (FNIF)

Travel Services Forms    (Top of page)
Lost Receipt Form
Reimbursements of Travel Expenses for Non-Employees
Student Information Form for Travel & Expense
Student Reimbursement Procedure
Instructions for Student information Form for Travel & Expense

Student Financials    (Top of page)
• Petty Cash - Change Fund Cancellation
• Petty Cash - Change Fund Custodian Acknowledgement
• Petty Cash - Change Fund Reassignment
• Petty Cash - Change Fund Request
Revolving Fund Custodian Acknowledgement Form
Item Type Request Form
Teller Proof "A" Form (Revised 04/21/16)
Teller Proof "B" Form
FERPA - Confidentiality Agreement Form
Gramm-Leach Bliley Act Form
Departmental Deposit Form
Enrollment Cancellation Protection Request
Student Financials Request for Adding/Removing Indicators
Revenue Refund Form

Vendor Related Forms    (Top of page)
Vendor Portal

Office of the Controller