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The following courses are offered by the Financial Systems and Support Services Training Team. Courses and information offered are below including descriptions, target audience, and support resources. Click on the title of courses for access to PowerPoint presentations.

To register for any of our instructor led offerings or online courses, please visit the Professional Development website. Our courses can be found under the Office of the Controller.

PantherSoft Financials Upgrade Resources

A PantherSoft Financials Upgrade goes live on Monday, October 15, 2018. Information regarding the upgrade can be found through an Upgrade Webinar recording and its associated PowerPoint. Additional information can also be found on PantherSoft’s website

Webinar Recording - http://go.fiu.edu/pswebinar
Webinar PowerPoint - Upgrade Webinar

Panthersoft Financials Fundamentals
Course Description This fully online training is a convenient way to learn how to perform key functionalities commonly found across all PantherSoft applications. This course covers the basics regarding: Homepage Actions, Breadcrumbs, Favorites, Worklist, Navigation, Run Control IDs, etc. Topics like role access, chartfields and speedtypes, and approval workflow amongst others are also covered.
Target Audience Mandatory for all New Hires; recommended as a refresher on common functionalities.
Offered Online. Register through the Professional Development website
Training Resources Fundamentals Manual

Advanced Query
Course Description This hands-on training covers advanced query functionalities including utilizing Aggregate Functions & Having Criteria, Unions, Expressions, and Subquery results as a criterion for a Top Query.
Target Audience Area Budget Managers, Executive Area Budget Managers, Advanced Financial Reporting personnel
Offered Monthly
Training Guide Query (Advanced Query begins on page 70)

Departmental Credit Card
Course Description This course provides the required knowledge and tools necessary to comply and participate in the University's Credit Card Program. The training covers all three Departmental Credit Card profiles (Commodity, Travel, and Dual) as well as the responsibilities of the credit card user roles (cardholder, reconciler, approver). Resources, important information, and skills are covered regarding the use and purchase of authorized supplies and services as well as University business travel purchases with a Departmental Credit Card.

This course is delivered in a fully online format through FIU Moodle. It includes Knowledge Checks, and a Final Quiz.
Target Audience All employees responsible for making departmental commodity purchases and/or business travel arrangements for staff in their department. This includes all user roles (Cardholders, Approvers, Reconcilers, Business Unit Approvers) within the University's Credit Card Program.
Offered On-Demand
Resources Departmental Credit Card Manual
Professional Development Website

Financial Reporting 101
Course Description This course provides an Overview of Financial Reports provided by the nVision Reporting Tool in Peoplesoft, specifically the DT report. It also covers Budget Research as well as Module Online Inquiry.
Target Audience This course is intended for those who are: new to the University and using financials, new to Financials, or new to running, delivering, and interpreting reports.
Offered Monthly
Reference Guide Financial Reports - Appendices   Financial Reports - Manual

Intermediate Reporting
Course Description This course focuses on variance analysis. Participants will learn how to run nVision variance reports and apply analysis techniques to explain the different types of variances and understand the benefits of regularly updating their Rolling Forecasts in order to budget better in the future.
Target Audience This course is intended for Finance/Expense Managers or other individuals involved with budget planning and execution.
Offered Seasonal
Reference Guide See Financial Reporting 101 Manual   KK Contacts Grid   nVision Report Resource Guide

Purchasing through eProcurement
Course Description This hands-on training will cover shopping in myFIUmarket, creating requisitions, including Special Requests, managing requisitions, creating receipts, and reviewing payment information in PantherSoft.
Target Audience All Employees involved in the procurement process for an area.
Offered Monthly
Training Resources Purchasing through ePro manual   Procure to Pay Quick Guide   

Receiving Job Aid – Casual Receiver

Receiving Job Aid – Super Receiver

Try It (UPKs)

EProcurement UPK's
Webinar Recordings

Receiving Webinar
myFIUmarket Videos Intro to eProcurement (2:31)

eProcurement Punchout Catalogs (3:09)

Assign a Cart (3:33)

Query 101
Course Description This workshop will provide an overview of how to create and edit existing Queries, as well as commonly used tables in PantherSoft. Upon successful completion of the course, with a passing score of 80%, users will be able to request access to Query Manager in the Reporting Database.
Target Audience Area Budget Managers, Executive Area Budget Managers, Advanced Financial Reporting personnel
Offered Monthly
Training Guide Query 101   Query Viewer Quick Guide

Smart Internal Billing
Course Description Overview on defining an item, modifying an existing item, creating an invoice and approving/denying an invoice
Target Audience All employees involved in the Smart Internal Billing process for their department.
Offered Twice a Semester
Training Guide Smart Internal Billing Manual Smart Internal Billing Quick Guide

Total Contract Manager (TCM)
Course Description Total Contract Manager (TCM) is a robust tool for creating, maintaining, and managing procurement contracts. Information about contracts can be tracked within TCM and contract documents managed as attachments.
Target Audience Any University employee who reviews, revises, manages or approves procurement contracts.
Offered Online. Register through the Professional Development website
Training Guide Total Contract Manager System Manual

Travel & Entertainment Credit Card
Course Description Overview of the Travel & Entertainment Credit Card Program, Usage, Policies and Procedures
Target Audience Any full time Faculty and/or Staff traveling on behalf of FIU who will be incurring travel & entertainment expenses.
Offered Once a Semester & By Request
Training Guide Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Credit Card Manual

Travel & Expense
Course Description This course will cover how to create Travel Authorizations, Cash Advances and Expense Reports.
Target Audience All Employees who process travel & expense transactions
Offered Monthly
Training Resources Travel and Expenses Manual   Travel Enhancement FAQ
Webinar Recording Travel & Expense University Credit Card Enhancements   

For our current instructor led classes please visit: Training Registration Site

If you would like to request a one on one training, department training, or need to communicate with our Help Desk staff or trainers, please call (305) 348 - 7200 or email controller@fiu.edu.

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