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Office of Financial Planning

The mission of the Office of Financial Planning is to administer, assess, and communicate the University's annual budget process and analyze long-term projects in line with the University's strategic initiatives. The Office of Financial Planning is dedicated to administering and monitoring the University's annual budget. Through ongoing performance analysis and ensuring effective resource allocation, we create higher accountability to the university's financial system.

Office of Auxiliary & Enterprise Development

The Office of Auxiliary & Enterprise Development is to support the development of revenue-generating operations by providing strategic oversight and analyzing the feasibility of the university's key external investments, partnerships, and strategic alliances. To serve as analytical support in a client-friendly and productive way that adds value to the University.

Office of Business Services

The mission of the Office of Business Services is to provide, in a customer oriented and friendly fashion, a wide variety of services necessary to advance the academic mission of the University, support the business function and to enhance the quality of campus life while operating in a financially successful environment.